2018 Foundation Classes in Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture with Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac.

Venue:  oregon college of oriental medicine,  75 nw couch street,  Portland, OR


A rare opportunity to get systematic, hands-on training in Kiiko Matsumoto's palpation diagnosis and treatment strategies. Enrollment is limited to provide optimal hand-on learning. These classes many be attended as stand alone seminars, or as the first and most important classes in the 150-hour Certificate Course in Matsumoto/Nagano Style Acupuncture.


January 20-21, 2018: Kiiko's Hara Diagnosis and Clinical Strategies for Kidney and Tan Tian

The Jan 20-21 class is now full. To be added to wait list: Call 541-686-9658.


February 17-18, 2018:  Hara Diagnosis: Kiiko Matsumoto’s Palpation Diagnosis and Treatments for Liver, Spleen, and Immune System Imbalances. 

If you didn't get into the January 20-21 class, don't despair! Monika's February class will include a review of material presented in January.  Plus, Monika will continue her generous, step-by-step explanations of Kiiko's Hara Diagnosis, including her ingenious treatments for Liver, Spleen and Immune disorders.

Monika's explanation of "Oketsu", or Blood Stagnation in the abdomen, alone is reason enough to attend this class. Learning the palpation diagnosis for Oketsu -- and understanding how to remove this visceral "roadblock"-- is essential to practicing Kiiko-style acupuncture, and getting great results with chronic pain and most internal disorders. 

Other conditions covered in this February 17-18 class include: Obesity and fatty liver; Muscle spasms; Sugar imbalances; Cysts, Fibroids and other GYN conditions; Infections and inflammation of the sinuses, urinary tract and lymphatic system.

Register now with PayPal button (below), call our office with your Visa/MC, or send a check for $349.00 to Turning Point Center, 670 E. 18th, Eugene, OR. Be sure to include your email address and license # if you want CEUs/PDAs. 8:30 to 5 on Saturday, 8:30 to 3:30 on Sunday (NCCAOM PDA Provider #1078; California Ed. Provider #1141)
Prerequisite for this class: None.


March 17-18, 2018: "The Spine Reveals"

Kiiko's simple and powerful treatments for  "structural imbalances" may be her most important and enduring legacy. More than mechanical manipulations, these treatments provide deep and lasting support for associated internal organ weaknesses.

For instance, her treatment for scoliosis includes treatment points on the Kidney and the Lung channels, two organs directly impacted by a lateral curve of the spine.

All of Kiiko's work-- and certainly her Structural Imbalance strategies for... 

  • Scoliosis and kyphosis (Shoulder pain & back spasms, asthma, GYN issues) 
  • Sphenoid bone imbalances (Insomnia, jaw pain, skin problems)
  • Visceroptosis (QL pain, frequent urination, tired legs)
  • Four Corners & Dai Mai Treatments (Carpal tunnel, hip, sciatica)
  • The "fulcrum" treatment on the ankle (knee pain, fibroids, poor circulation in legs)

...constitute a subtle and profound type of bodywork.  Take this rare opportunity to get hands-on training -- and clear step-by-step explanations -- from an passionate, knowledgable, and skillful teacher. 

If you haven't taken the "Spine Reveals" class (or even if you have -- the amount and importance of this material warrants review) don't miss this fundamental part of Kiiko style acupuncture. 

Each of Kiiko's structural imbalance treatments impact --directly or indirectly-- the alignment of the spine and is therefore included in Monika's September 10-11 class.

Enrollment in The Spine Reveals (the "third leg" of her three-class Foundation Series! is limited to 30. 


Prerequisites:  Introduction to Kiiko Matsumoto’s Abdominal and Hara Diagnosis and/or Kiiko Matsumoto’s Palpation Diagnosis and Treatments for Liver, Spleen, and Immune System Imbalances (see above)

May 5-6, 2018   Live Treatment Demos & Case discussion  Presenter: Monika Kobylecka

Sat. May 5: Head Injuries & Neurological Conditions  

Sun. may 6th: Kiiko's Scar Treatments

Early Bird $349.

October 20-21, 2018   Kiiko Matsumoto returns to OCOM!!

Early Bird only $379














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